Text: A few notes on Psychic Meditation – 1 minute

Psychic Meditation is a specific set of tools and techniques designed to help people develop an awareness of energy.

Psychic meditation tools deepen your experience of being spirit in body. This makes it safer and easier for you to turn on and access your psychic abilities, and use them in your daily life.

Psychic Meditation classes are taught in psychic schools around the world. Before a student begins an intensive clairvoyant training in one of these schools, she will often be required to take a basic psychic meditation class.

The tools and techniques taught in these classes include grounding; aura awareness, energy awareness, the self healing technique of running energy; having space and protecting your own energy, creating and destroying, working with neutrality, effortless manifesting, and so much more.

Psychic meditation is a regular form of meditation, one of many kinds of meditation practiced on planet Earth in the 21st century. Each style of meditation has value and is specific in its own way.

Why I prefer Psychic Meditation

Before I became conscious of and trained my own psychic abilities, I walked through life picking up the energy of everyone and everything around me, without much awareness that I was doing so. I was taking on so much clutter that it made me sick – I caught every bug that came along. I was so sensitive to energy and didn’t know how to not do this.

Something kept nudging me inside, my intuition? -telling me to learn how to ground myself.

I had no idea what that even meant, until I found myself at a psychic school I ‘accidentally’ found in Chicago, my home town. I immediately felt myself at home and intrigued at this school, and signed up for a 6 week Psychic Meditation Class.

As of this writing, 19 years later, I’m more grateful than I can express that I found great psychic training. And it all began, for me, with learning to ground myself in the Psychic Meditation 1 Class.

As a full time professional psychic, (yes, I do this for a living!), I couldn’t function and bloom in my own life without the support of these powerful tools. That is why I love to teach these techniques, and to help others to free themselves from having to sit in and take on unwanted uncomfortable damaging energies.

Especially in this time on earth, 2017, we each need to bring our full selves forward, and to learn about our true power. You have so much power within yourself, much of it untapped. When you bring your spirit into your daily life, and ground yourself, everything changes for you.

©Kris Cahill 2017

“The only true aristocracy is that of consciousness.”  -D.H. Lawrence