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Hello, and welcome!

Thank you for stopping by my online classroom. Here’s a few pointers on getting started.

— In order to access the classes on this site, you will need an internet connection.

— You can use any device with an internet connection – computer, tablet, or phone.

— Browse through the available classes on this page. Each one has a course description and a free lesson or two that you can try before buying.

— Choose a class to begin your meditation experience here, and click on the ‘Enroll’ button.

— You will be asked to create an account, including a password. You can set up your account, make your payment for the class you’ve chosen, and get started.

— Workshops are created to complete in one sitting, or you can finish a workshop in several sittings if you prefer. The lessons are broken down into bite sized chunks to make it easier to take the time you need to finish a class at your own pace.

— Classes that are intended to stretch over time, ie: 6 weeks, will be dripped. This means that Week 1’s class is available the first week, Week 2 is released a week later, and so on.

— You will receive several communication emails throughout your class.

— If you have any trouble at all, technical or otherwise, please contact me here. I’m available for you and will respond. Use the Contact form below.